Staying Productive as a Hybrid Employee
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With the pandemic gradually waning, many companies now want a return to the office. However, when weighed against tech professionals’ desire to work from home, some form of compromise comes into play.

This means many IT employees need to work a hybrid schedule, with some office days and some at home. This significant change to your schedule requires a proactive approach to maintain a high productivity level. So let’s take a closer look at a few tips for staying engaged and productive as a hybrid worker. Leverage these insights to thrive in an evolving professional environment.

How Can You Be a More Productive Employee?

Use The Same Desk Setup For Your Work and Home Offices

Of course, having a well-appointed residential workspace plays a key role in staying productive away from the office. At the minimum, your home office needs a door, good lighting, and a fast computer. Additionally, leverage a similar desk setup between both spaces. This approach improves your ergonomics and organization, helping you stay engaged and focused.

Additionally, using the same docking station in both places means you only need to move your laptop when commuting. This approach saves you a bit of time each day. Remember, sometimes you need to burn the midnight oil at home after a full day at the office. As such, a docking station provides the means to easily connect to your work at home whenever necessary.

Scheduling Your Workweek Becomes Critical as a Hybrid Worker

Thriving as a hybrid worker requires a proactive approach to scheduling your work week. Take advantage of a scheduling app for this purpose. This ensures you never miss a work meeting or even a power lunch. Make your schedule public so your boss and coworkers know when you are working from home.

Plan your workweek by scheduling most of your deep-thinking tasks when at home. More collaborative activities or in-person meetings make sense at the office. Of course, this need not be a hard rule, especially if you are comfortable with videoconferencing.

Keep Communication Channels Open

Of course, a hybrid work environment requires consistent communication throughout the week. Leverage a collaboration tool, like Slack, to stay connected whether at home or in the office. Also, remain available to your coworkers for a text message or even a quick phone call.

Additionally, various team-building apps integrate with Slack to foster teamwork in a hybrid environment. Speak with your manager about using one of these tools if not a current option.

Are You a Productive Employee?

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