Data Visualization Certifications 2022
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As companies struggle to make sense of their corporate data, the practice of data visualization becomes more important.

This situation creates a copious amount of lucrative job opportunities for tech professionals with skills in this area. It includes data visualization engineer roles as well as business and data analysts with specific skills in creating visualizations.

If data visualization interests you as a career path, earning relevant certifications increases your chances of a job offer. So let’s take a high-level overview of the top data visualization certifications to help you find intriguing opportunities. It’s also a relevant skill for anyone working as a business analyst.

What Are The Best Data Visualization Certifications to Get?

IBM Cognos Analytics: Dashboard

Cognos Analytics remains one of the most popular tools used for data analytics. Its dashboard functionality helps analysts quickly put together data visualizations to help decision-makers. The IBM Cognos Analytics: Dashboard is an 8-hour course teaching users how to use dashboard for building data visualizations. Anyone currently using Cognos Analytics needs to consider taking the class.

Splunk Visualizations

Companies want to hire data analysts with experience in using Splunk. David Foote, an analyst at Foote Partners, noted candidates with Splunk skills command higher salaries than those without. “These IT skills are among those earning the highest pay premiums,” commented Foote.

The company provides a host of free online courses for using the data visualization platform. Students learn how to craft different types of visualizations, and even maps using geographic data. While not an actual certification, learning the tool and creating a few visualizations for your portfolio attracts interested companies.

Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate

This certification focuses on using Microsoft Power BI to do everything from building data models to creating visualizations. The data visualization functionality leverages embedded analytics to make it easy to find actionable information within large databases. Microsoft Power BI users also need to consider Microsoft Power BI Certification: DA-100 to add depth to their résumé.

SAS Certified Visual Modeler

Data analysts using SAS’s visual modeling platform have the option of earning a SAS Certified Visual Modeler certification. It vets predictive modeling and visual analysis skills using the SAS Viya platform. The course covers all aspects of visual modeling, including scoring and validating models. Anyone working in data analysis – especially using SAS – benefits from adding these skills to their résumé.

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