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Data remains the lifeblood of the modern business world. Companies strive to glean actionable information from their databases, leading to the increased importance of data visualization and reporting. Organizations successful in this approach enjoy a significant competitive advantage over those lacking the same ability.

In fact, there’s an increased demand for technical professionals experienced in data visualization to help companies leverage their data. With the goal of building a successful career, let’s dive into data visualization and its importance in IT. It provides a valid career path for data professionals looking for interesting and lucrative work.

How Important is Data Visualization For Your Business and Career?

Making Complex Data Relationships Easy to Understand

At its simplest definition, data visualization presents information in a graphical format, making it easier to understand. In the business world, the audience for this type of reporting tends to be decision-makers. A graph or other visualization format helps emphasize the trends or relationships that assist in devising business strategies.

Of course, this concept isn’t a recent technology innovation, along with the Cloud and machine learning. In fact, the first recorded use of data visualization happened in the 19th Century. A French civil engineer created maps and charts to explain Napoleon’s disastrous 1812 Russian campaign. His visualization took into account weather, location, troop numbers, and other parameters.

Why Data Visualization Matters For The Modern Business

Data visualization helps business leaders easily make critical data-driven decisions with speed. For example, an executive struggles to interpret the output of a machine learning model to find relationships within sales data. Put that same information in a graph or chart and those crucial interrelationships become obvious. It helps drive the decision-making that helps modern businesses thrive.

It also offers other critical benefits, including understanding vast amounts of data at a glance and improving data accuracy. In short, data visualization helps companies truly unlock the value within their data.

Data Visualization as a Career Opportunity

Data visualization jobs abound in the modern tech world. In fact, you might see open positions combining visualization with business analysis or data analytics. Notably, data visualization engineering professionals enjoy average annual salaries in the $100,000 to $150,000 range.

If you work in data or business analysis, adding data visualization to your skills also helps your career prospects. It provides interesting work with many forward-looking companies in multiple business sectors, especially in Boston.

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