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The possibility of an economic downturn right around the corner might make it more difficult to find technology work.

While the IT industry supposedly remains immune to recessions, those laid-off at Meta and other tech employers likely disagree. In either case, searching for a technical job during a recession requires a different strategy for a successful outcome.

So let’s take a closer look at a few strategies for finding technology work during an economic downturn. Leverage this information to optimize the process, resulting in you finding the job of your dreams. Ultimately, it’s the right way to build your career no matter the state of the economy.

What are some ways to find an IT job during a Recession?

A Copious Amount of Opportunities Exist at Smaller Tech Employers

While news about massive layoffs at Amazon and other employers garners a lot of press, tech hiring remains high. A low unemployment rate and the aftereffects of the Great Resignation also contribute to the demand for tech talent. Simply stated, don’t let the news of a potential recession prevent you from beginning a job search.

However, you might have to target your search at smaller companies or startups looking for tech talent. Amazon or Meta might not be hiring at the moment, but many other thriving IT employers want your application. So be sure to perform some extra research to find companies looking for talented tech professionals.

Target Recession-Proof Industries During Your Search

Certain business sectors tend to be recession-proof when it comes to needing an influx of tech talent. The healthcare industry provides one obvious example of this scenario. Considering the tech innovations currently transforming this sector, many lucrative opportunities exist for IT professionals.

Educational technology also provides a haven for finding work during an economic downturn. Expect many intriguing opportunities for talented software developers throughout the industry. Again, the most important point involves spending extra time researching potential employers in industries outside your typical wheelhouse.

Leverage Your Professional Network

A professional network remains a valuable resource for finding interesting tech opportunities during a recession. So be sure to announce your availability to trusted members of your network. Smart recruiters also use their networks to find valuable passive candidates.

Partner With an Experienced IT Staffing Agency

Finally, partnering with an experienced recruiter at a tech employment agency also helps you find work in a recession. A wise recruiter helps you devise an effective search strategy. They also know what companies are actively looking to make a hire.

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