Programming Language Trends 2023
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Any software engineering career requires staying abreast of the currently popular programming languages. After all, skills and experience in the hottest tools used for application development keeps your résumé fresh and marketable.

While some venerable examples, like Java and C++, retain their popularity, others simply come and go. For example, modern companies rarely, if ever, hire Flash programmers.  With a goal of keeping your developer career on track, check out the hottest programming languages for 2023. Use this information to get the training and experience you need to attract hiring managers. Remember, as a software engineer, the learning only ends on your retirement day!

What Are the Hottest Programming Languages This Year?

Python Remains Hot

The need for data analytics continues to reside at the heart of modern digital transformation. Python remains a highly suitable language for applications leveraging data analysis. As such, it offers no surprise Python ranks at the top of the hottest programming languages list for 2023. Any modern programmer needs to put Python in their coding toolbox.

Go Growing in Popularity

At Google, an internal team created the Go language to improve developer productivity. It boasts a fast compiler with applications that also enjoy high performance, especially in multicore environments. Importantly, the language is simple to learn, a goal of the original team that developed it. Built-in support for concurrency makes Go highly suitable for distributed programming.

Swift is THE Language for iOS Development

Apple built Swift as an easy-to-learn replacement for Objective-C, the language originally used for iOS development. Over time, these hopes became a reality, and it’s now the standard for building apps for Apple’s OS family. In short, if you want to write applications for iOS and macOS, understanding Swift is a must.

The Venerable Java Remains Popular

As Java approaches its 30 year anniversary, it remains highly popular throughout the business world. The language sees use in everything from mobile apps on the Android platform to web-based enterprise applications. Any programmer looking to add breadth to their skill set needs to learn Java.

JavaScript Makes the Web Interactive

While JavaScript is based on the Java syntax, the two languages aren’t completely related. Developers leverage JavaScript to build interactivity into web applications. A host of libraries used for this purpose, like React.js, help this language retain its wide popularity.

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