IoT Transforming Business 2023
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The Internet of Things long enjoyed a status as a potential technology game-changer, but never quite achieved that promise. Notably, tech pundits in the early 21st Century predicted great things for home automation and the smart home concept.

While the consumer sector of the IoT enjoys some growth, the business world remains where this technology becomes transformational. The ability for devices to generate real-time data combined with powerful data analytics provides significant advantages to businesses. So let’s take a closer look at some of the top 2023 IoT trends in the business world. Once again, companies able to glean actionable information from their IoT-generated data stand apart from their competition.

How is IoT Changing the Business World?

The IoT Making a Difference in Healthcare

The healthcare industry remains laden with intriguing use cases for IoT technology. Embedded devices in a hospital make it easier to remotely track patient data in real time. They even benefit doctors during surgery. The growth in popularity of wearables for medical purposes also contributes to the IoT healthcare trend. In short, fully leveraging the Internet of Things lets hospitals provide better and more proactive patient care.

Machine Learning Provides The Data Analytics Critical to the IoT

Not surprisingly, machine learning offers the computing horsepower necessary to derive actionable information from IoT data. Of course, leveraging this form of AI also powers the data analytics used in concert with Big Data. Considering embedded device data as another crucial data source helps anyone understand the business impact of the IoT. Your business needs technology professionals experienced in data analytics and machine learning to take advantage of these new opportunities.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Powers the Manufacturing World

Factories and other manufacturing facilities became the early adopters of the IoT in the business world. In fact, this adoption led to the Industrial Internet of Things concepts and the IIoT acronym. Embedded devices in equipment helps track their performance as well as the need for repair and maintenance. This results in manufacturers saving money while also improving the productivity of their factories.

5G Networking Driving The Adoption of the IoT

With the IoT, network latency makes a bigger performance impact than network speed and bandwidth. Low latency provides superior responsiveness when controlling remote devices over a network. As such, expect the expansion of 5G networks across the globe to improve adoption of the Internet of Things. In short, 5G’s lower latency serves as a game-changer.

Want to Start Taking Advantage of IoT?

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