Data Scientist Career 2023
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As companies strive to find relevant information within their data, the demand for data scientists continues to grow. A shortage of talented candidates means companies pay a premium to hire those with the right skills.

This is evidenced by average annual salaries well into the six-figures for this technology job role. Needless to say, many IT professionals wonder about transitioning into a data scientist role, attracted by those high salaries. However, it typically requires extensive education and a unique mix of math, business, and programming skills. So let’s take a closer look at forging a career path to become a data scientist.

How To Become a Data Scientist

The Skills You Need to Thrive as a Data Scientist

While many data scientists boast an advanced technical degree, the strong demand caused companies to lessen that requirement. Still, experienced tech pros need to possess the right stuff to be able to attract hiring managers. Obviously, the ability to perform database design, in addition to advanced SQL queries is a must. Also, learn skills in reporting and data visualization.

Programming skills are also crucial, especially in languages used for data science, like Python and R. Experience in artificial intelligence, including training machine learning models, also differentiates the top candidates. A natural affinity for statistics and mathematics remains vital.

If you currently lack these skills, consider taking a training course or follow the self-study approach. As noted below, earning a certification becomes vital to add some weight to your data scientist résumé.

Data Science Certifications are Important For Your Résumé

Again, transitioning into a data science career path means you probably lack tangible experience in this area. So earning a few relevant certifications helps add some heft to your résumé. Also, emphasize any data-related technical and programming experience throughout the work history section of your CV.

The SAS Certified Data Scientist remains popular within the industry. It includes specializations covering data curation, advanced analytics, as well as AI and machine learning. After gaining some experience, consider earning the Certified Analytics Professional designation. Note that a master’s degree is a requirement along with relevant analytics experience. The Associate Certified Analytics Professional makes sense for emerging data scientists, as it removes the educational and experience requirements.

So if the world of data science intrigues you as a career path, take a few training courses and earn that certification. Leverage any existing experience in technology to make it easier to find the lucrative position of your dreams.

Ready to Become a Data Scientist?

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