Data Analytics Certifications 2023
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In the 21st century, data remains the lifeblood of the modern business world. With social media and eCommerce generating big data, companies struggle to find crucial information lurking within their databases.

This is a major reason they strive to hire talented data analysts to help in their data-driven decision-making.

Taking your data career to a higher level benefits from earning a few relevant data analytics certifications. So check out this list of the top certifications to add some depth to your résumé. It’s the best way to attract hiring managers and find the job of your dreams.

What Data Analytics Certifications Help Build Your Career?

Amazon AWS Certified Big Data

For the last decade or more, companies continue to migrate some or all of the technical infrastructure to the Cloud. In more recent times, this also includes their data assets. Because of this migration, earning an Amazon AWS Certified Big Data designation makes perfect sense.

This certification highlights your skills in designing databases able to handle massive amounts of data. It also vets your ability in crafting automated data analytics systems used by businesses today. Leverage this certification to find work throughout the industry, especially at companies with technical assets hosted on AWS.

The CompTIA Data+ Certification

CompTIA remains one of the leading providers of technical certifications, with a sterling reputation in the IT world. So if you want something to improve your data analyst career prospects, consider the CompTIA Data+ certification. This cert serves emerging data analysts well, helping prove their ability in analytics used for data-driven decision-making.

Data+ verifies your skills in data mining and manipulation as well as designing relevant reports and visualizations. The exam also covers data governance, an important topic for many businesses. It serves as a perfect career complement for data analysts, business intelligence analysts, and reporting analysts.

CareerFoundry Data Analytics Program

When deciding on a career as a data analyst, consider the CareerFoundry Data Analytics Program. This course and certification program boasts the goal to make you a data analyst within 8 months. Since the classes are online you gain additional flexibility without needing to quit your current position.

Notably, the tuition runs in the $6,000 to $7,000 range with a variety of payment options. However, CareerFoundry offers a refund if you don’t find work within 6 months of graduating. It remains an intriguing option for starting a career in data analytics.

Ready to Find a New Job?

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