Machine Learning Certifications 2023
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There’s no denying the importance of AI and machine learning throughout the business world. Companies in multiple industries increasingly leverage both, making these technology innovations a critical piece of the digital transformation.

As such, technology professionals need to explore learning both technologies to keep their careers headed on an upwards path.  Earning a technical certification in machine learning remains a great way to add this tool to your arsenal. If your company provides a robust professional development program, consider using it to get the training you need. If not, adding a ML certification definitely makes you attractive to other employers who invest in their employees. So check out this list of the best machine learning certifications.

What Machine Learning Certifications Are Beneficial For Your Career?

Machine Learning on Google Cloud Specialization

Provided by the online learning company Coursera, this machine learning certification focuses on the Google Cloud platform. However, many of the same concepts also apply to other Cloud providers, like AWS and Azure. Notably, the class also involves the open source machine learning framework, TensorFlow. Expect to learn how to build, deploy, and train machine learning models, all relevant skills for modern software engineers.

MIT’s Professional Certificate in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The MIT name enjoys significant credibility in the technology community, especially in the Boston area. As such, their AI and machine learning certification adds weight to any tech professional’s résumé. The certification course covers a full range of topics related to ML, including data analysis, statistics, and math. Of course, also expect to learn machine learning in scenarios using Big Data as well as natural language processing.

A Free Machine Learning Certification for Python Developers

The previous two certifications require a hefty fee, especially the one from MIT. However, this machine learning certification for Python developers is available for free. Offered by IBM through the team at Coursera, it especially makes sense for technology professionals new to ML. At the price, it remains a great option for adding a real-world machine learning certification to your résumé.

Stanford’s Machine Learning Certification

Stanford remains one of the top universities in Silicon Valley. As such, their machine learning certification also boasts a strong reputation in the industry, like MIT’s. Notably, the detailed course also comes with a fee of around $5,000.

The course provides the basics of machine learning, but goes into more detail regarding the development of learning algorithms. It remains a great option for software engineers looking to add critical depth to their résumé.

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