ChatGPT and Programmer Productivity
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ChatGPT, the language model crafted by the AI research lab, OpenAI, continues to generate buzz within the tech industry. The tool boasts the ability to intelligently generate text-based content, spanning everything from poetry to code.

In fact, some cybercriminals even used ChatGPT to help them create malware. Nevertheless, ChatGPT and other generative AI tools offer more altruistic potential in software development.

That last use-case might cause some worry about this “chatbot on steroids” ultimately taking your programming job. Actually, ChatGPT offers the potential to make you more productive as a software developer. For example, expect your IDE’s help tool to quickly integrate ChatGPT or another generative AI app, greatly enhancing its functionality. So let’s look at a few other ways ChatGPT might improve your productivity.

In What Ways Can ChatGPT Help Programmers?

ChatGPT Serving as a Programmers Assistant

The earlier IDE help example provides a hint on how ChatGPT and generative AI benefits the modern software developer. Expect other interesting use cases related to the tool effectively serving as a virtual programming assistant. Need to know how to call an unfamiliar object? Ask ChatGPT to provide a quick snippet of source code.

Additionally, expect improved autocomplete functionality, with generative AI providing helpful suggestions as you code. In fact, it also works for helping you find potential bugs in your source code. It might even make “breaking the build” an obsolete concept when using it as part of your deployment process. Expect any company currently leveraging DevOps and automation in software development to reap additional benefits by integrating ChatGPT.

Integrating ChatGPT into Your Own Apps

Of course, many intriguing use cases involve leveraging ChatGPT in the tools you use every day as a software engineer. However, OpenAI also made an API available, allowing you to integrate ChatGPT into your own applications. In addition to the tool’s chatbot functionality, this API also facilitates integrating other AI features into the software.

In short, instead of worrying about ChatGPT taking your job, make an effort to learn its API. Having an app leveraging generative AI in your GitHub portfolio serves as a great companion to your résumé. This is especially the case if you don’t get the opportunity to use AI in your current job. You need to treat generative AI as an opportunity as opposed to a death knell for your programming career.

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