Data Engineering or Data Science 2023
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Data remains the lifeblood of most of today’s businesses. These modern companies increasingly leverage AI and machine learning to glean actionable information from their corporate data.

It helps to power the data-driven decision-making currently in vogue throughout the business world. Organizations without this approach simply fly blind in a very competitive economy.

This scenario made a relatively new job role – the data scientist – become critical for many companies. However, the data engineer also continues to grow in importance in business. In fact, some pundits feel data engineering offers professionals a greater opportunity. With a goal of deciding between the two, check out why data engineering might be the best career choice.

Is Data Engineering a Better Career than Data Science?

The Competition for Entry Level Data Scientist Jobs is Strong

Over a decade ago, the Harvard Business Review called the data scientist the sexiest job of the 21st Century. Over time, many emerging tech professionals combined business acumen and technical chops, hoping for work in data science. All these potential candidates still makes the competition for entry-level data scientist jobs rather strong.

Notably, a recent study highlighted the fact data scientist positions receive twice as many applicants as data engineering jobs. At the same time, the growth rate for new data engineer positions remains higher than data science roles. Of course, intriguing opportunities abound for both, but fewer data engineering candidates improve your chances of finding work.

Data Engineers Enjoy Higher Salaries

Data scientists enjoy an average annual salary in the six-figure range at $102,000. However, data engineers boast higher average salaries at $115,000 per year. So in addition to more opportunities and less competition, expect to earn more as a data engineer.

More Opportunities for Data Engineers With Startup Businesses

If you boast a strong entrepreneurial spirit, know that startups provide more opportunities for data engineers than data scientists. While this matches the overall job market for both roles, startups typically lack meaningful data early in their operations.

Data scientists help established businesses find actionable information within their data. However, data engineers build the frameworks to capture and transform this data in the first place. When a startup becomes established after a few years of operation, the need for data scientists subsequently grows.

If you are interested in becoming a data engineer, skills in Python and SQL remain important. Additionally, exposure to Cloud-based platforms like AWS and Azure also helps attract hiring managers.

Looking for a New Position in Data Engineering?

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