Cybersecurity Jobs 2023
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With news about data breaches or other hacking incidents a regular occurrence, the demand for cybersecurity professionals remains strong.

Of course, the continued shortage of these SecOps professionals also contributes to this high demand. Needless to say, embarking on a career in this field provides a significant opportunity for a rewarding professional life.

So let’s analyze the types of SecOps job roles available for anyone with the right technical chops. Use this information to get the education, training, and certifications you need to become attractive to hiring managers. The potential for a lifelong lucrative tech career awaits anyone with the desire and drive to succeed.

Want a Rewarding Career in Cybersecurity? Consider These Jobs

The Security Administrator Role Provides Entry-Level Opportunities

If you are new to the world of SecOps, consider looking for a position as a security administrator. This job makes a great fit for cyber professionals ranging from a little to a few years of experience. Typical daily functions include monitoring network activity, managing and supporting security tools, user account management, and more.

Security Operations Center Analysts Boast a Wide Range of Experience

In a similar manner as security administrators, security operations center analysts also include entry-level professionals. However, this job role provides an intriguing career path as you gain experience and move into a senior-level position. The job duties include cybersecurity incident management, threat analysis, and researching the latest SecOps trends.

You also get to work with innovative SecOps tools, including those leveraging AI and machine learning. It’s a great first option when embarking on a career in cybersecurity.

Become the “Quincy” of Cybersecurity as a Digital Forensic Engineer

Another role suitable for emerging SecOps professionals is the digital forensic engineer. An IT version of Jack Klugman’s classic Quincy character, this role focuses on determining the cause of a cybercrime. A typical day involves gathering digital evidence, analyzing network data, and working with legal and law enforcement teams. Strong problem-solving and technical chops along with an interest in fighting crime, identify the top candidates for these positions.

Experienced Programmers Make Great Application Security Engineers

If you are an experienced software developer looking to enter the SecOps field, consider becoming an application security engineer. These cyber professionals focus on ensuring a company’s application assets are protected from cybercrime. It requires an understanding of programming, the software development lifecycle, and the best practices of DevSecOps.

Want a Job in Cybersecurity?

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