Semi Retired IT Career 2023
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After a rewarding IT career, you decided to enjoy an early retirement filled with vacationing and other leisure activities.

However, after a few years (or months) off you discovered you actually missed being a technology professional. Perhaps you still want to contribute your expertise on interesting technical projects working as a consultant?

Not surprisingly, the pervasive shortage of experienced IT professionals means intriguing opportunities are available for part-time tech employment. So if you’re currently retired, but want back in the game, it’s time to freshen up that résumé. Let’s explore some of the potential opportunities for retired technology pros hoping to reforge their career.

Why a Tech Career Isn’t Over Even If You Are Semi-Retired

Remote Work and The Gig Economy Creates Opportunities For Retired Tech Pros

The increase in remote working combined with freelancing makes it easy for retired IT pros to reenter the field. A host of opportunities in software development and engineering remain available for experienced professionals. So if you still dabble in code during your retirement, consider updating your résumé.

Todd Copeland, a director of enterprise applications for a managed services provider commented on this growing trend. “People with this type of (technical) experience are extremely valuable to organizations. They are the ones who know what to watch out for because they have been there before,” noted Copeland. He also added that tangible experience remained a critical differentiator for tech retirees when compared to recent graduates.

What Types of Tech Opportunities are Available for Retirees?

Not surprisingly, many of the best opportunities for retired IT pros involve the opportunity to leverage their well-earned expertise. This includes experience as a system or software architect, project manager, ScrumMaster, or team lead. Additionally, executive-level tech experience also remains highly valuable, with an array of available fractional executive positions as a result.

Of course, strong demand for developers and software engineers available for short-term assignments also exists. Companies typically look for professionals with specific experience either on a project or to close an internal skills gap. Needless to say, these employers understand that remote opportunities greatly expand their candidate pool. This provides a great opportunity for retired programmers to effectively become semi-retired.

Remote work lets these semi-retired developers avoid commuting while still adding value on important projects. It’s also a great way to earn extra pay while still enjoying a leisurely life after a full-time career.

Looking For a New Job in Tech?

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