SaaS Cybersecurity 2023
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More businesses continue to adopt a Cloud-based approach for their technology assets, including applications, data, and networking. The benefits remain numerous, including significant cost savings and the ability to keep remote employees engaged with their work.

Obviously, that latter advantage played a crucial role in companies quickly adopting to remote work during the recent pandemic.

This migration to the Cloud resulted in businesses increasingly using SaaS providers for their corporate applications. As a result, cyber criminals used this opportunity to ramp up their nefarious activities, making cybersecurity even more critical. So let’s analyze the increased security threat for companies leveraging SaaS providers for business applications.

Why Does Cybersecurity Need to Be Improved in the SaaS Space?

A Recent Study Reveals an Acute SaaS Threat Level

A study from earlier this year focused on the overall cyber risk for businesses currently using SaaS providers. It noted that both enterprises and SMBs host on average over millions of data-related assets on these Cloud-based platforms. Needless to say, this situation makes an attractive target for unethical hackers looking to access private data or worse.

The findings also noted half of the surveyed enterprises and three-quarters of the SMBs currently have vulnerable SaaS data. The smaller percentage of larger businesses likely relates to higher investments in proactive SecOps programs. However, this era of increased remote working positions, cybersecurity as a critical concern for any business leveraging the Cloud.

Additionally, the study highlighted the fact that businesses perform millions of activities each week using their SaaS assets. This volume level strains any cybersecurity system tasked with discovering suspicious activity. In this scenario, leveraging a modern automated SecOps tool makes perfect sense. The increased use of AI and machine learning in cybersecurity software also makes discovering abnormal events an easier process.

When Remote Working Cybersecurity Begins at Home

Another critical point when considering the importance of securing corporate SaaS assets relates to the increase in remote working. Accessing SaaS applications effectively puts each employee’s home network on the edge of their employer’s technical infrastructure. Ultimately, it requires a proactive cybersecurity approach to protect company data hosted on SaaS platforms.

As such, ensure employees know how to protect their home networks from cyber criminals. This includes understanding how to create strong passwords for routers and computers. Requiring multifactor authentication for access to corporate SaaS applications also remains crucial. Ultimately, when leveraging the benefits of SaaS, cybersecurity becomes even more important.

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