DevOps Hiring 2023
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With news about a potential recession a regular occurrence, businesses need to consider its effects on the staffing process.

This is especially the case with the inherent difficulty sourcing candidates experienced in DevOps. These niche technology professionals also command a generous salary as well as a robust benefits package.

So check out this analysis of the current DevOps hiring trends with an economic downturn lurking around the corner. Use this information to adjust your staffing plans to successfully hire the experienced IT pros your business needs. After all, employing the right talent helps your software development process stay efficient and productive.

How Can a Recession Impact DevOps Hiring?

Companies Want to Hire Experienced, Well-Educated DevOps Professionals

A recent study analyzed interview request data from companies hoping to hire DevOps engineers. Notably, nearly 75 percent of these requests involved software engineers with more than six years of experience. It highlights the importance of candidates with a relevant work history for businesses with DevOps programs.

Additionally, companies increasingly want their DevOps engineers to possess at least a bachelor’s degree. In the past, more businesses considered self-taught software engineering talent, but that trend seemingly continues to wane. Perhaps the higher availability of DevOps candidates in the wake of tech layoffs allows organizations to be more discerning.

A Potential Economic Downturn Influences The DevOps Job Market

The study also highlighted the initial effects of a potential recession on the DevOps job market. It found most companies now enjoy a wider candidate pool of qualified DevOps engineers due to increased tech layoffs. Additionally, as businesses reduce their hiring due to worries about an economic downturn, the competition for talent slackens.

Still, the demand for experienced DevOps talent continues to outpace the supply. Interestingly, another survey of DevOps software engineers found that 68 percent have few worries about losing their job. This data point reveals that many engineers in this tech sector know that companies need their services.

At the same time, this strong demand requires businesses to pay a premium for DevOps talent. Make offers in a salary range from $150,000 to $180,000 to successfully hire software engineers experienced in DevOps. Notably, little differences exist in the overall pay for remote versus in-office or hybrid work scenarios. Having a culture focused on interesting work and professional development also attracts talented candidates.

Need to Hire?

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