IT Professionals Needed 2023
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Whenever rumors of a recession abound, worrying about finding a new technology position becomes natural.

However, even considering the highly publicized layoffs at various tech giants, the demand for IT professionals remains strong. In fact, many companies struggle to find talent with the required technical skills to leverage the current digital transformation.

With a goal of a fruitful IT job search, check out this list of industries currently hiring technology professionals. Leverage these insights to target intriguing job opportunities in business sectors where demand remains high. In the end, expect to keep your tech career on a path to continued success.

What Industries Need IT Professionals?

The Financial Services World Needs Experienced Technology Professionals

The FinTech movement continues to make a massive impact on the financial world, with tech innovations driving this transformation. For example, online retailers increasingly leverage embedded finance to provide installment credit services to their customers, boosting sales. So IT professionals with experience in embedded finance or banking as a service (BaaS) enjoy a myriad of intriguing opportunities.

The tech skills these businesses want include AI and machine learning, cybersecurity, and Cloud-based service architecture. That latter skill definitely helps candidates aiming for job opportunities in embedded finance.

The Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries Rely on Tech Innovation

The related healthcare and pharmaceutical industries increasingly rely on technical innovations. In the former case, the growth of telehealth and adoption of electronic medical records drives demand for IT talent. Skills in Cloud-services and cybersecurity remain important for these emerging telehealth systems. At the same time, pharmaceutical businesses regularly hire data analysts and data engineers, especially those with AI experience.

The Digital Transformation Also Impacts Insurance Companies

The insurance industry traditionally continues to be relatively conservative compared to other business sectors. However, it’s also undergoing a meaningful digital transformation and as a result, needs talented IT professionals. Customer service chatbots, mobile apps to manage policies, and high-end data analysis are some of the relevant use cases. If you boast experience in AI and machine learning, data analytics, and/or cybersecurity, consider job opportunities in insurance.

Colleges Continue to Hire Tech Talent

The world of higher education also provides a source of open positions for tech professionals. While the salaries tend to be less than the private sector, increased job security definitely matters during a recession. Beyond typical IT job roles in administrative departments, tech opportunities also abound in research. So don’t forget to research possible IT job openings at colleges and universities.

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