Technology Job Opportunities 2023
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While layoffs at some of the top tech companies generate news, the overall IT job outlook remains strong. Businesses still need talented professionals with skills in machine learning, cybersecurity, and software development.

Intriguing job opportunities abound, with the digital transformation still in full force across multiple industry sectors, especially FinTech.

With the goal of inspiring your next IT job search, check out this overview of the current technology job market. Use this information to understand the skills modern employers want, helping you get the necessary training and certifications. Expect to keep your tech career on an upwards path toward higher earnings and more responsibility.

What Job Opportunities Are Available in Technology?

Tech Employment Continues to Increase Despite Layoffs

Even with these well-publicized layoffs at Meta, Twitter, Facebook, and others, technology employment numbers continue trending upwards. This is the case even at the companies laying off the most jobs. Mbula Schoen, a senior director analyst with Gartner, commented on the findings from their research.

“Gartner research found that the companies behind the ten largest layoffs in tech talent still employ over 150,000 more people in total than at the beginning of 2020,” noted Schoen. In short, powering digital transformation in business requires talented technical professionals. If you have the right skills and experience, companies remain likely to consider you as a candidate.

In fact, other industry pundits feel the main reason for the layoffs involves over-hiring in the period before COVID-19. Additionally, many of the job losses involved non-technical employees, a point echoed by Schoen. Another tech employment expert highlighted the fact that most of the layoffs are in sales, HR, and, ironically, recruiting. Simply stated, the job market for technical professionals remains as strong as ever.

Businesses Desperately Need Tech Talent

At the same time, the talent gap in the business world continues to hamper productivity and growth. A Gartner survey of CIOs noted that 86 percent of respondents reported high competition for technical candidates. Additionally, 73 percent highlighted the fact their business suffers from significant IT attrition. Perhaps The Great Resignation contributes somewhat to those numbers?

Skills gaps in areas like data analysis, AI, SecOps, and Big Data remain prevalent. So consider adding some of these capabilities to your toolbox to improve your marketability. Companies also want IT employees with strong, soft skills, including communication, problem-solving, and an affinity for teamwork.

Ready to Find Your Next Job in Tech?

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