Attract Candidates with Tech Stack
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Many modern IT professionals want a career where they have an opportunity to work on the latest technology innovations.

As such, they typically prefer employers with tech stacks that include the current state of the art in IT. Naturally, those companies tend to find it easier recruiting tech professionals compared to organizations with relatively older technical infrastructures.

Considering your company’s tech staffing efforts, providing the ability to work on the latest and greatest definitely matters. So check out this advice on leveraging your tech stack in the recruiting process. Use this information to ensure your business never lacks the technology talent necessary for success.

How Can You Use Your Company’s Tech Stack to Attract Candidates?

What The Modern Technology Professional Wants

The recent Great Resignation in the wake of COVID-19 highlighted a few perks modern IT professionals want. Obviously, flexible schedules and the ability for remote or hybrid employment matter to many workers. A competitive salary and a generous benefits package also make an important difference.

However, tech pros remain a different breed compared to the rest of the workforce. They increasingly want to be part of the digital transformation revolutionizing the business world. Of course, this includes working on innovative tech, like AI, mobile, virtualization, and the Cloud. It helps provide the professional development they need for a rewarding IT career.

Why a Modern Tech Stack Makes Hiring IT Talent Easier

Consider a scenario if your company has a legacy application suite developed in an obsolete programming language. Hiring the necessary talent becomes more difficult and costly due to the lack of supply of experienced programmers. This is especially the case when considering older languages like COBOL or even Visual Basic.

Engineers – both hardware and software – want to keep building their skill set throughout their careers. Part of this process includes working on projects that rely on emerging technology. As such, it benefits any technology employer to keep its tech stack as modern as possible. Expect a more effective staffing process as a result.

Highlight Your Tech Stack When Recruiting Candidates

Building a company culture known for technology innovation makes it easier to attract exceptional IT candidates. Be sure to advertise that fact when engaging your business’s staffing process. Include information about your stack in job listings, with keywords highlighting the relevant technologies and programming languages. Promoting this tech culture at industry conferences and other trade shows also serves to attract passive IT candidates.

Need to Hire Top Talent?

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