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Facing the loss of your job is something nearly all technology professionals encounter at some point in their careers.

Even the highly-publicized layoffs at Microsoft, Amazon, and other tech employees might cause a measure of consternation. However, it’s important to remember the tech job market remains relatively strong, with high demand for talented candidates.

Nevertheless, if you recently lost your technology position, it’s important to rebound without any delay. Check out these useful insights and resources to help you find a new position as quickly as possible. It’s the best way to keep your IT career on a path towards continued success.

Helpful Advice if You Lost Your Tech Job

Earning a Technical Certification or Two is Smart

After suffering a layoff, perform some self-analysis on your current technology skills. In addition, take stock of the progress towards reaching your long-term career goals. For example, the demand for cybersecurity professionals and FinTech experience remains higher than ever. Perhaps switching your career path results in more professional stability?

If you need to take a training course and earn a certification, consider leveraging this downtime. In the end, having a few relevant tech certifications improves your marketability, helping attract interested hiring managers. It also provides a great way to maintain your productivity level when combined with your job search effort.

Ask Your Professional Network For Job Leads

Reaching out to your professional network on LinkedIn and social media remains a great option for sourcing job leads. If you have a mentor, ask them for job search advice and whether they know of any open positions. Insights from an experienced technology professional provide you with the advice and inspiration to make your job search successful.

Consider a Temporary Consulting Gig

Taking on a short-term consulting opportunity offers a great chance to gain some experience while still earning money. Consider finding a position where you get to use your new knowledge certification on a project. Additionally, the contract gig might result in earning a full-time job with that company.

Partner With an Experienced IT Staffing Agency

Forging a partnership with a top-shelf technical staffing agency also makes sense after losing your job. The best agencies maintain relationships with the top tech employers in their region, helping you quickly find work. Experienced recruiters also offer useful advice on the current IT job market and the skills you need for success.

Looking for a Job?

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