AI Careers 2023
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The seemingly unending buzz surrounding AI might cause some IT professionals to worry about the longevity of their career.

This opinion is somewhat understandable after seeing news about ChatGPT producing a functional website from a basic specification. Of course, news about the chatbot’s various mistakes and inaccuracies also garners some publicity.

However, AI actually provides a significant benefit for tech pros willing to embrace what it brings to the table. For example, programmers quickly get detailed help on an obscure function, including code examples. AI also automates some of the more repetitive tasks in technology, including virtual server setup or writing unit tests. Let’s take a closer look at how AI keeps your IT career trending upwards.

How Can AI Benefit Your Tech Career?

Cultivate Your AI Expertise

The current demand for tech professionals experienced in AI and machine learning remains higher than ever. Leverage this strong need to gain practicable skills and experience in this area, making you attractive to hiring managers. Learn how to train machine learning models; understand how to perform data analytics, and become a Python expert. Having all three skills in your toolbox helps your tech career thrive.

Cultivating other skills related to AI is also important for your career growth. Skills in data modeling, mathematics, and even neuroscience position you as a top-level technology candidate. As highlighted above, learning Python needs to be on your shortlist. Arguably the most popular language for AI applications, the demand for Python programmers continues to increase.

AI Making You More Productive

We already detailed a few use cases on how AI makes technology professionals more productive. Programmers using an IDE powered by AI simply write code more quickly and accurately. It operates like the auto-complete feature in older programming environments but on steroids. Expect the example noted earlier about getting help with an obscure function signature to become the new normal.

IT businesses adopting DevOps already take advantage of automation to improve the velocity of their software development process. Additional improvements in AI boost the productivity of these teams at an even higher rate. Having these time-consuming tasks handled by bots lets you focus on more critical duties better left to humans.

Ultimately, the growth of AI simply increases the number of opportunities for tech pros willing to embrace the technology. Being proactive in learning it gives you the chance to greatly boost your career prospects.

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