Career in FinTech 2023
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The digital transformation of the financial industry continues to revolutionize back-office operations, securities trading, banking, and more.

As such, this business sector increasingly relies on tech professionals with skills in AI, machine learning, and software development. If you are interested in a career in FinTech, lucrative opportunities abound for those with the right experience.

Let’s look more closely at a few interesting job roles for IT professionals hoping for a rewarding FinTech career. Use this information to get the right skills and experience if needed. FinTech provides a great opportunity for a lucrative salary and the chance to work on the latest tech innovations.

What Opportunities Are There for a Career in FinTech?

The FinTech World Increasingly Adopts Blockchain

Sometimes, its association with NFTs and cryptocurrency gives blockchain a bad reputation. However, the underlying distributed ledger technology remains the future of online financial transactions while helping improve security. In fact, many tech pundits feel blockchain is the next big FinTech innovation.

As a result of the growing adoption of distributed ledger technology, the demand for blockchain developers continues to increase. The average salary for programmers with experience in this area currently approaches $102,000 per year. Learn the languages to qualify for these positions, including Hyperledger Fabric, Solidity, as well as C++ and Java.

Quantitative Analysts are Needed in FinTech

Quantitative Analysts – also known as quants – help financial companies with their risk management and financial analysis functions. As such, FinTech institutions regularly hire talented and experienced candidates for this role. In addition to managing risk, these financial professionals also help identify promising investment opportunities.

The role increasingly requires professionals with a range of technical abilities, including data analytics and even some programming chops. Of course, strong mathematical skills remain a requirement. Expect an average annual salary approaching $90,000.

The Strong Demand for Cybersecurity Professionals in FinTech Continues

Even with the increased adoption of blockchain, FinTech institutions need to maintain a strong SecOps footprint. Customer transactions and associated financial data remain an attractive target for cybercriminals. As such, the industry still boasts a strong demand for cybersecurity analysts.

These tech professionals help protect the technical infrastructures of FinTech companies by analyzing cyber risks and network vulnerabilities. The average annual salary for cyber analysts approaches $80,000. Note that cybersecurity engineers, boasting a higher technical skill level than analysts, enjoy salaries in the six-figure range.

Looking for a Job in FinTech?

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