Thrive in A Hybrid Workplace
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Many tech employers currently possess a desire to return to the office in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the same time, IT professionals increasingly enjoy working from home while proving they maintain high productivity levels. These diametrically opposed positions created the hybrid work model, with employees in the office a few days each week.

If you currently work in a hybrid environment or are considering a similar position, check out these useful tips. We cover how to stay productive and ultimately successful when working from home only part of the time. Use this information to truly thrive as a modern technology professional.

Ways to Thrive in a Hybrid Work Environment

Maintain a Normal Schedule When Working From Home

On those days when working from your home office, keep the same schedule as your in-office days. Your manager might require you to be available during the same time period for phone calls or text messaging. Other managers allow more flexibility to their staff when out of the office. In either case, maintaining a regular schedule no matter your location helps you stay productive.

Keep Your Communication Channels Open

One of the reasons for maintaining a regular schedule both in the office and at home involves communication. When working from home expect to regularly answer questions over the phone or text messaging. Many tech employers leverage collaboration software like Slack to facilitate this level of communication. Adopting this approach improves your engagement level while also fostering teamwork.

A Well-Appointed Home Office Becomes Critical when Telecommuting

Obviously, you need a home office when employed in a hybrid or remote work position. Having a door is a must to keep from being disturbed by family, roommates, or even pets. Don’t let a stray paw swipe from your cat take down your employer’s virtual server farm!

Also, ensure your video and lighting look professional when taking part in a video conference. Test your microphone and camera on a regular basis to prevent any technical problems from hampering your communication ability.

If Your Employer Provides Your Tech Only Use it for Work

Limit your use of any employer-provided tech equipment – computer, smartphone, or tablet – to work-related activities. Assume they are using software to track your usage. Having this delineation between work and personal equipment helps you stay more focused when working from home.

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