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With high pay and interesting work, it comes as no surprise many tech pros are interested in FinTech opportunities.

Experienced data engineers and data scientists even enjoy salaries well into the six-figure range. As financial institutions implement new FinTech initiatives, the demand for IT professionals in this sector remains higher than ever.

If you want to find a lucrative position in FinTech, it helps to understand the skills employers want. Check out these insights on what abilities and experience financial companies look for in IT professionals. Use this information to possibly earn a relevant certification in addition to gaining some valuable experience.

What Skills Do Employers Want Fintech Candidates to Have?

FinTech Employers Want Candidates With Programming Skills

Not surprisingly, programming chops rank near the top of the list of skills desired by FinTech institutions. In addition to obvious options, like Python and Java, companies also want developers experienced in Golang and Ruby. At the minimum, if you don’t have any Python experience, consider taking a training course and earning a certification.

Cybersecurity Experience Remains Critical in FinTech

The digital transformation ushered in by FinTech requires financial organizations to stay vigilant with their SecOps footprint. After all, these institutions (and their data) remain attractive targets for cybercriminals. As such, many FinTech organizations regularly look for technology professionals with tangible cybersecurity experience. Programmers with a history of working on SecOps initiatives also find it easier to attract interested hiring managers.

Machine Learning and AI Drive The Current FinTech Revolution

AI and machine learning are transformative technology innovations helping to drive the revolutionary aspects of the FinTech revolution. Customer service chatbots powered by generative AI provide one use case example. Automated securities training using machine learning serves as another.

Programmers with experience in AI and machine learning are worth their weight in gold in FinTech. The same rule applies to data analysts, data scientists, and data engineers with similar backgrounds. Keep this in mind if you have these skills and are looking to transition into the FinTech field.

Soft Skills are Also Important… Especially Communication

As financial companies continue to adopt technology initiatives, tech professionals possessing certain soft skills help on these projects. This is especially the case with verbal and written communication skills. These abilities definitely matter when explaining complex technology subjects – most notably AI – to business stakeholders. Be sure to emphasize your communication chops on your cover letter and during the interview.

Looking for a Position in FinTech?

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