Salary FinTech 2024
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As the FinTech movement continues to transform the financial world, opportunities abound for technology professionals with the right experience.

Not surprisingly, data as well as AI and machine learning, lie at the heart of this revolution. Financial institutions continually need talented IT pros to help make their FinTech initiatives a reality.

With strong demand comes lucrative salaries, and working in the FinTech sector offers a chance at a financially rewarding career. As such, we provide some helpful information on job roles and salary projections in this area for 2024. Leverage these insights to inspire you to get the necessary skills and experience to qualify for open FinTech positions.

What Are The Salary Projections for the FinTech World in 2024?

FinTech Data Engineers Command Lucrative Salaries

When it comes to technology positions in the FinTech space, data engineers enjoy the highest salaries for 2024. Expect a senior-level data engineer to command an average pay grade well into the six-figure range. Experience with AI and machine learning likely helps in attracting FinTech employers and an even higher salary.

While junior FinTech data engineers still enjoy higher pay, six-figure average salaries require at least some experience. At the other end of the scale, lead engineers in this space typically earn a salary in the upper 100s. Strong skills in database design, optimization, and programming identify the top candidates for these positions.

FinTech Businesses Still Need Data Scientists

Data scientists rank right behind data engineers when it comes to FinTech salaries. These professionals combine skills in databases, math, programming, and business to help companies find actionable information within data. In many cases, companies look for data scientists with an advanced degree, even including PhDs.

Senior-level or lead data scientists also enjoy salaries in the six-figure range on average. Scientists with less experience are still able to command a pay grade close to six figures. Once again, skills in programming – especially Python – attract interested hiring managers.

BI Developers Help FinTech Companies Glean Actionable Information

Finally, BI (business intelligence) developers also remain in demand throughout the FinTech world. These professionals craft applications and reports that drive data-driven decision-making for financial institutions. You need a strong mix of programming and database skills to qualify for these positions.

Note that senior-level BI developers command salaries close to the six-figure range. However, many lead BI devs still enjoy an annual pay rate north of $100,000. Expect pay closer to $50,000-60,000 per year when new to the field.

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