IT Jobs 2024
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Understanding the technology job roles with the highest demand helps you plot the direction of your career path.

Do you need to earn a few relevant technical certifications to qualify for these roles? Perhaps some additional education might also help attract IT hiring managers. Whatever the case, use these insights to take your tech career to a higher level.

With the goal of building a successful technology career, explore these insights on the hottest IT jobs for 2024. If you know the demand for your job role remains high, consider asking your manager for a raise. It’s the right approach for keeping your earnings potential on an upward path!

What Are the Hottest IT Jobs in 2024?

Companies Still Need Software Engineers

Software engineering remains a popular tech discipline providing the opportunity for a lucrative career filled with interesting work. These tech professionals craft interactive websites, mobile apps for smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches, or even embedded applications. You typically need a bachelor’s degree to qualify for this role. However, some companies still consider candidates with technical certifications combined with tangible experience.

Expect to earn an annual salary around the six-figure range, but experience and location influence your ultimate pay. Additionally, some job roles pay more than others. For example, mobile app developers typically earn more than web developers. Experience with modern technologies, like AI and machine learning, also boosts your pay.

Information Security Analysts Remain in Demand

The importance of protecting technical assets as well as corporate and customer data from unethical hackers remains paramount. Businesses in a variety of industry sectors regularly struggle to find qualified cybersecurity professionals, including information security analysts. Like software engineers, companies typically want candidates with a bachelor’s degree, but also consider relevant cybersecurity certifications.

Some experience in the field helps to attract hiring managers. Expect an average salary in the $80,000 to $105,000 range, again depending on experience and location.

Data Analysts Helps Businesses Find Actionable Information

Both social media and the Internet of Things generate massive amounts of data for businesses. However, finding the actionable information within that mass requires a deft touch. Companies generally rely on data analysts to do the heavy lifting in finding those valuable nuggets within corporate databases.

Notably, the number of data analysts is forecast to grow by 27 percent over the next three years. As such, intriguing opportunities abound for experienced professionals with the right skills. Average annual salaries for this role range from $81,000 to $104,000.

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