AI Technology Career 2024
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AI, especially ChatGPT and GenAI, causes much consternation among technology professionals wondering about its effects on their IT careers.

After all, seeing the highly publicized demos of ChatGPT producing a working website from a simple query illustrates its power. However, AI and machine learning offer more potential to improve your productivity as opposed to replacing your job.

Taking a proactive approach to understanding and leveraging AI with your tech job effectively futureproofs your career. Let’s look at a few ideas aimed at ensuring it serves as an assistant instead of your replacement. Use this information to become more productive at work while maintaining the high demand for your skills.

How Can You Futureproof Your Technology Career with AI?

Learn How to Train Machine Learning Models

Machine learning lies at the heart of many AI-powered innovations, especially those related to data analytics. Consider taking classes on training machine learning models to enhance your marketability in the current IT job market. Skills with database programming and design as well as some programming chops – like Python – help you thrive at ML model training.

Project Managers Also Benefit From AI

Considering that project management relies on managing human interaction, AI likely won’t be replacing these positions any time soon. However, project managers need to explore some AI-powered tools to improve their productivity. PM tools, like Asana, are increasingly adding AI functionality or providing seamless integration with AI-based tools. Of course, using ChatGPT or other GenAI tools helps streamline your written communication as well.

Use AI to Generate Imagery for UI/UX Design

Some full-stack developers need to quickly craft wireframes or design app screens and other user interface elements. The same use case also applies to graphic designers working with developers or even creating marketing content. GenAI graphic tools like DALL-E or offer the capability for prompt-based image design. Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your productivity when it comes to UI and graphic design.

Improve Your Soft Skills

Tech employers increasingly want to hire IT professionals with well-rounded abilities. This includes soft skills, like communication, leadership, problem-solving, and emotional intelligence. Developing your capabilities in these areas makes you attractive to hiring managers while enhancing your worth to current employers.

Even with future enhancements, expect AI to always lag behind humans when it comes to soft skills. Take advantage of this human ability to differentiate yourself from chatbots and machine learning models!

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