IT Candidate Trends in 2024
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Forging a successful 2024 requires technology employers to understand the most important IT candidate trends for the year.

Any company wanting to make a successful hire benefit from knowing the preferences of technology professionals looking for work. It informs your company’s short-term hiring plans as well as strategies for improving your staffing efforts.

Providing an exceptional candidate experience remains a critical part of finding success in your 2024 hiring. Even with well-publicized layoffs, the demand for top-shelf IT professionals remains as high as ever. Use these insights to ensure your company never suffers from a skills gap. A partnership with a top-rank technical staffing agency helps you achieve your talent goals for this year and beyond.

What Trends Can IT Candidates Expect in 2024?

Tech Candidates’ Expectations for the Job Search Process in 2024

A recent survey of professionals looking for new opportunities offers useful insights for IT hiring managers for 2024. The three key findings from the survey inform your company’s efforts to provide a better candidate experience. Let’s explore all three.

  • A Fast and Efficient Staffing Process: Modern tech candidates don’t want to remain on the market for too long. In fact, the top tech pros typically find work within a few weeks at the most. These survey findings highlight the need for businesses to have an efficient staffing process. The days of three to four interview rounds are effectively obsolete.
  • Regular Communication: These candidates also expect to regularly receive updates from recruiters throughout any staffing process. As such, be sure to keep every candidate in the loop. Never let more than a week go by without communicating with each applicant.
  • Provide an Exceptional Candidate Experience Throughout: Tech professionals looking for work expect a top-shelf candidate process throughout the entire staffing process. Avoid slacking off on communication while meeting all promised dates for interviews and the final hiring decision. Notably, the study noted that a great candidate experience has a significant effect on subsequent loyalty.

The Communication Preferences of Modern IT Candidates

Digital communication remains the lifeblood of the modern staffing process, but an old-fashioned phone call still matters. Still, email remains candidates’ most preferred communication channel, with the generation of the job-seeker making little difference. Phone calls, text messages, LinkedIn, and even a dedicated app also rank among the most preferred communication channels.

These findings illustrate the importance of your staffing process providing an efficient and communicative experience to candidates. It also highlights the benefits gained by partnering with an IT staffing agency for your tech hiring needs.

Looking For IT Candidates?

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