Technology Hiring Trends in 2024
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Understanding the IT hiring trends in a constantly evolving business world remains an important task for hiring managers.

After all, these insights serve to inform your company’s staffing plans for the current year and beyond. Perhaps your company needs to add talent, upskill its current employees, or even a mix of both.

Check out this list of a few of the most important technology hiring trends for 2024. The article looks at overall demand for IT pros as well as the growth of average tech salaries. Is your company planning a 2024 staffing strategy similar to the rest of the industry?

What Technology Hiring Trends Are There in 2024?

Demand For IT Professionals Remains High

According to a recent survey of tech hiring managers, demand for IT professionals remains high despite some highly-publicized layoffs. The survey found with the current unemployment rate for IT professionals at two percent, those laid off quickly found work. Notably, 71 percent of the respondents reported their new tech hiring served to drive growth instead of backfilling positions.

Tech Salaries Increase at a Lower Rate

2023 IT job salaries rose at a rate of two percent, a smaller increase compared to the previous year. Slightly more than half (56 percent) of tech pros rank salary as the most important in a job offer. They also ranked benefits and job security at almost the same rate (55 percent). However, a significant portion of IT workers still want remote work and flexible scheduling. Most remain open to the hybrid employment model.

Tech Employers Spending More on AI

Nearly half (45 percent) of the survey respondents reported that AI spending remained a high priority for their business. The focus on this investment involved AI-powered tools to increase staff productivity, as opposed to reducing head counts. Demand for software engineers with experience using AI remains especially high. Salaries for these professionals increased by 10 percent over the past year.

Don’t Skimp on Professional Development for your Employees

The modern IT professional still wants to work for a company that values professional development. Leverage this opportunity to upskill current employees in AI and machine learning, as well as other emerging technologies. Providing the chance for additional responsibility for top performers also helps improve your overall retention rate. In short, you need to take a proactive approach to ensure you source and retain exceptional IT talent moving forward.

Does Your Company Need IT Professionals?

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