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While some technology professionals worry about AI replacing their job, others use it to help find their next gig. Notably, tech employers increasingly leverage GenAI and machine learning to make the recruiting process more efficient and effective.

So, it makes sense for IT pros to enjoy these similar benefits, finding interesting open positions more efficiently.  With a goal of a more efficient job search, check out these ideas on leveraging AI when looking for work. These ideas apply to everything from résumé writing assistance to researching interesting tech employers. In the end, expect to find your dream job faster than ever before!

How Can You Use AI to Help With Your Job Search?

Using GenAI to Research Potential Employers

Finding a company with interesting work and a great culture provides a meaningful goal for many IT job seekers. In this scenario, using a generative AI tool, like ChatGPT, accelerates your efforts in researching tech employers. It easily finds companies known for hiring talented technology professionals that also boast a welcoming culture.

As ChatGPT’s data is somewhat out of date, using it to find open positions obviously won’t work. However, using it makes perfect sense to find out more about the companies posting job ads for tech positions. This approach helps you decide on the best opportunities worthy of your interest.

Craft a Winning Résumé with the Help of AI

The résumé creation process also benefits from using AI in tandem with your own writing chops. It especially helps if you tailor each CV for a specific open position. ChatGPT or a similar tool analyzes your résumé, offering useful advice on what skills and experience to emphasize. Still, don’t let a GenAI tool write your entire CV, as providing a human voice remains essential.

Remember, most recruiters and hiring managers search for candidates over the Internet, so AI effectively improves your SEO. Additionally, many companies now use AI-powered applicant tracking systems (ATS) to vet candidates. As a result, any résumé needs to leverage the hottest keywords and action verbs detailing your skills and experience. This approach boosts your chances of being found by both human recruiters and ATS bots!

Use AI to Help Practice Your Interviewing Techniques

Some AI-powered tools exist that function as practice interviewers. While these tools might not work as well for technical positions, they remain worthy of exploration. Using an experienced recruiter in this role is probably a better option right now.

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