Tech Skills to Support IT Careers
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Maintaining a successful technology career until your retirement day requires a constant approach to learning.

Needless to say, the pace of innovations within this field seems to be increasing, especially around AI. Instead of replacing your job, artificial intelligence offers the potential to make you more efficient and productive.

With the goal of keeping your IT career on the right path, check out these skills to help support your professional life. Leverage these insights to better understand what areas you need additional training and education. In the end, expect to thrive in this profession for the rest of your career.

Tech Skills To Support Your Career

Cybersecurity Skills Remain in High Demand

The shortage of talented IT professionals with cybersecurity experience continues to impact the entire tech world. Expect this problem to exacerbate as cybercriminals increasingly leverage AI when creating malware and other forms of malicious software. As a result, don’t expect the demand for cybersecurity professionals to decrease any time soon. Experience in both cybersecurity and AI identifies the top candidates for roles in this area.

Data Science and Data Analytics

Companies increasingly leverage data analytics to glean actionable information from the masses of data they maintain. It plays a key role in the data-driven decision-making used by top companies across the world. If you want to move into a high-demand technology role, consider becoming a data scientist or data analyst. Data scientists especially enjoy lucrative salaries with their mix of advanced education, technical chops, and business acumen.

Become an Expert in AI and Machine Learning

AI just might be the most transformative technology innovation since the invention of the computer. Artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to make an impact in multiple business sectors, including the FinTech sector. As noted earlier, AI improves the productivity of human workers as opposed to replacing them. Consider acquiring some skills in this area, including using large language models in generative AI.

Blockchain is Poised to Make a Large Impact

While NFTs appear to be a dying fad, the distributed ledger – better known as blockchain – serves as a game-changer. It provides high levels of security, which makes the tech especially attractive for financial institutions. In fact, blockchain might see use in online elections and other use-cases where security remains paramount. Explore platforms in this area, like Ethereum and Hyperledger, to add some depth to your résumé.

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