Intriguing Tech Jobs of the Future
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Many business pundits feel a tech career offers a great chance for a futureproof professional life.

However, you still need to focus on learning new skills, especially in the latest technology innovations. After all, a résumé laden with relevant technical abilities ensures you remain marketable within a competitive job market. With a goal of keeping your technology career on track, check out these insights on intriguing future IT jobs. Use this information to explore relevant training and education to qualify for roles such as these. It provides the best chance at futureproofing your professional life in the technology world.

What Are Some Intriguing Tech Jobs of the Future?

Expect Your Future Tech Job to Include AI

AI remains arguably the most transformative technology innovation since the invention of the computer itself. As opposed to replacing human professionals, it actually serves to make them more efficient and productive employees. Evidence of this productivity boost already exists in areas like FinTech algorithmic trading and software development.

The wise technical professional takes the time today to learn more about artificial intelligence, machine learning, and related advancements. Leverage these insights to examine a few courses and certifications to add depth to your résumé. Expect a better chance of landing lucrative tech positions both now and in the future.

Blockchain Engineer

Distributed ledger technology – better known as blockchain – remains one of the most promising tech innovations. However, its full impact tends to be overlooked, considering its association with overhyped tech, like NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Blockchain boasts the potential to revolutionize everything from banking to elections in a highly secure manner. Gaining practical experience in blockchain positions you for future success in the FinTech world and beyond.

AR/VR Engineers

Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) are also long-hyped tech innovations that are finally making an impact at home and in business. Beyond gaming and entertainment, they provide a unique opportunity to make certain tasks more effective and ultimately successful. Expect meaningful impacts in healthcare, with AR-assisted surgery, or even when training professionals for critical job roles. That latter use-case covers educational opportunities in areas from airline pilots or even surgeons themselves.

Software Engineering: a Career for Now and in the Future

Not surprisingly, the future business world likely still needs many software engineers. This is the case even with AI helping to write some code. Areas like the previously mentioned blockchain and AR/VR, in addition to cybersecurity and big data analytics, require more programming talent.

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