DevOps Interview Questions you need to Nail

December 11, 2017

Congratulations at earning an interview for a DevOps engineer position with an innovative technology company in your region. Your hard work at crafting a top notch résumé obviously played a role. Read more

DevOps: Metrics and a Look at its Future

September 12, 2017

DevOps is rapidly becoming a standard for software development in the technology industry. Companies in a variety of business sectors leverage the framework to deliver applications, enhancements, and bug fixes at a faster rate.

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DevOps: Hiring Trends and Training/Retraining

June 30, 2017

DevOps continues to make inroads throughout the technology industry. Companies familiar with newer methodologies, like Agile, see the DevOps organizational structure as a pathway to achieve continuous deployment – the Holy Grail for businesses dependent on software in a competitive business world.

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