Three Ways to SEO optimize your Resume to get Noticed

October 5, 2017

Search engine optimization – better known as SEO – is no longer the sole domain of Internet-based content providers. When embarking on a job search in the technology industry, you need to use SEO techniques to give your résumé the best chance at getting noticed by a hiring manager. Read more

DevOps: Hiring Trends and Training/Retraining

June 30, 2017

DevOps continues to make inroads throughout the technology industry. Companies familiar with newer methodologies, like Agile, see the DevOps organizational structure as a pathway to achieve continuous deployment – the Holy Grail for businesses dependent on software in a competitive business world.

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Six Success Tips for working Remotely

June 26, 2017

More technology companies are allowing their employees to work from home during some or even all of the week. Other organizations regularly augment their IT staff with freelance contractors working remotely. Read more