Design Thinking’s unique method weaves the human perspective, technological capabilities and economic feasibility with a systematic creative approach to solve organizational issues. Unique IT solutions are developed by understanding the users’ viewpoint, disrupting preconceived ideas while crafting a definition of the problem to discover out of the box strategies and solutions. The collaboration of perspectives working together is at the core of Design Thinking. The CERES Group has historic relationships with IT professionals experienced in Design Thinking philosophy and implementations. Our deep connections and involvement with people allow us to match the personality, culture and technical skillsets you need.

Design Thinking Phases:

Empathize – with users
Define – users’ needs and problems with insights
Ideate – challenge assumptions and create ideas for innovative solutions
Prototype – start creating solutions
Test – solutions


Functional Roles

Design Thinking Strategist
Design Thinking Facilitator
Business Analysts

Compliance Analysts
Project Managers

Software Developers
Application Developers
Application Engineers
Front End Developers
UI/UX Developers

Quality Assurance
Data Analysts
Innovation Managers