50 Federal Street

Boston, MA 02110
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50 Federal Street

Boston, MA 02110

Job Seekers

There is a tremendous responsibility in placing a candidate. We know that a new position often times can represents a major life change. With families of our own, we take this very seriously. We never simply “match you up” with a job. We have a deep understanding of every client and every individual manager in each industry we represent. When we present an opportunity to you, it will always be based on your needs and skill sets as well as the culture of the firm and quality of the manager.

Expect our steadfast transparency, you deserve it. We provide our candidates with every detail we know including the pros and cons. Before you sit in an interview, you will always know every detail. We don’t believe in surprises. We do, however, believe in providing you with the best opportunity for you and your family. For us, this isn’t a transaction, it’s a relationship.

Areas of Expertise

The CERES Group works across a number of industry verticals including Financial Services, Healthcare, Higher Education, Retail, Cyber Security and Management Consulting. Regularly working with:

  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Application Developers and Architects
  • Database Developers and Administrators
  • Quality Assurance Analysts
  • System Administrators
  • Technology Infrastructure Support Analysts
  • UX/UI Developers
  • ERP Specialists
For someone who had worked previously in another company for more than 20 years, my transition to this new job was extremely smooth. Joe went above and beyond to provide guidance in navigating the world of new job search keeping in mind my skills and experience.

- Usha
I have experienced a wide array of work environments, ranging from awesome to awful. These experiences have taught me that the type of work environment I'm in directly impacts both my personal and professional life. Today I have got the opportunity to talk about CERES GROUP and David Belanger. I am working with him for more than 3 years and I must say my personal as well as professional life is so peaceful. He is the primary reason for me loving my job. He gives me the continues feedback and always appreciates my hard work. He has helped me to come out as a winner in my tough times. I am really grateful that I met David. Thank you so much for everything.

- Pooja

It was a big move coming to an area I had never lived and I appreciate all the help in getting me up and settled here. I love the company I work for and the fact that after all the time contracting they wanted to convert me to a permanent employee couldn’t make me happier. You put my best interests first and made my position possible. Thank you very much; you have changed my life!”

- Mauricio Garcia Oliveri

The CERES Group has been great to work with. I have been on one extended engagement with Ceres, but he has kept me informed of other possibilities, assisted in creating a roadmap so that if the current engagement ends, we have a clear picture towards my next engagement. He is easy to work with, assessed my skills properly and professionally and placed me into a position that suited my skills and abilities. I have been more than pleased with our working relationship and look forward to continuing to work with him moving forward.

-Doug McDonald